uPVC Window Spraying

Here at spray-it.co.uk we specialise in uPVC spray painting, full kitchen
re-sprays, and aspects of commercial and domestic spray painting jobs.


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uPVC Windows & Doors Spraying

Welcome to Spray-It, a locally based company who provide a range of onsite uPVC spraying paint services to give your old uPVC products a new lease of life. It’s not just uPVC we can spray, we also offer our unique service for kitchens, bedrooms, shop fronts and cladding. In fact any item that can be sprayed on we can assist with.

If you’re based in Oldham and are bored or fancy a change from the colour of your existing uPVC then get in touch with us for a free quote and to discuss colour options.

Re-spraying your existing uPVC windows, doors or kitchens units are much cheaper than replacing them for new ones with your chosen colour. Give us a call on 01706 538 548 to see how we can help.

uPVC Spray Painting Services in Oldham | Windows, Doors, Kitchen Units
uPVC Spray Painting Services in Oldham | Windows, Doors, Kitchen Units
uPVC Spray Painting Services in Oldham | Windows, Doors, Kitchen Units
uPVC Spray Painting Services in Oldham| Windows, Doors, Kitchen Units


Our exclusive “Spray Clean” solution is designed to provide an easy clean for surfaces such as driveways and roofs without the need for a pressure washer. Simply apply the solutions, leave for an hour and then hose off.


Our “Spray Protect” formula is designed to protect your home during renovation and building work. Spray the formula over your windows and uPVC to provide complete protection during works. Once finished it simply peels off.

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Take a look at our video and how our uPVC spraying service can totally transform the look of your home or business.


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have but here’s a few of our most frequently asked questions.

Can I choose the new colour of my windows and doors?

Absolutely, we have access to a wide range of colours to choose from, all similar to standard colours available for most uPVC window frames and doors.

Do you need to remove the windows while you spray them?

Not at all. We carefully mask all the areas that we don’t want to be sprayed leaving the frames only. This means there is little disruption to your home and we can even complete them without you needing to be at home.

How much does it cost?

It’s quite difficult to put a price on your project without seeing what is needed. We will always provide a free site visit and quotation if you call us on 01706 538 548.